CUTE-Congress   May 10th – May 11th 2006 in Hamburg

Time PDF Congress Day 1, Wednesday 10th 2006
Keynotes   Chair: Heinrich Klingenberg, CEO hySOLUTIONS
10:00   Welcome
    Günter Elste, CEO Hamburger Hochbahn
10:10   Hydrogen and fuel cells in the European energy policy
    Alfonso Gonzáles Finat, Director for New and Renewable Sources of Energy,
Energy Efficiency and Innovation of the European Commission
10:40 Making sustainable transport a reality — a carmaker's view
  Herbert Kohler, Vice President DaimlerChrysler
11:00   The bus: The challenge of clean urban transportation
    Wolfgang Presinger, Managing Director Evobus
11:20   Producing the fuel of the future
    Oliver Weinmann, Head of Innovation Management Vattenfall Europe AG
and Managing Director Renewables
11:40 What is CUTE?
  Manfred Schuckert, Project Coordinator CUTE
Bus Operations   Chair: Mike Weston, Transport of London
14:00 Operators’ perspective on CUTE
  George Feltz, AVL Luxembourg
14:20 Bus operation: technical findings
  Jonas Strömberg, AB SL/Maria Saxe, KTH
15:00 Integrating fuel cell buses into the bus fleet
  Oscar Sbert-Lozano, TMB Barcelona
15:20   Panel discussion “Operating fuel cell buses in regular service”
    Fritz Van Drunen, Georg Feltz, Heinrich Klingenberg, Arturo-N. Martinez, Rocha Teixeira, Steffen Raff
Moderator: Mike Weston
16:10 Certification of a fuel cell bus around the world – Lessons learned
  Jürgen Wittig, DaimlerChrysler
Fuel Cell Technology   Chair: Markus Wiedemann, SSB
16:30 Fuel Cells – Connecting the learning from CUTE to future developments
  Geoff Budd, Ballard
16:50 UTC – Learnings and outlook to the future
  Jan van Dokkum, President, UTC Power
17:10 HyChain – Fuel cell products in daily use
  Marc Kammerer, Hydrogenics
17:30   Closing day 1
    Christian Mohrdieck, DaimlerChrysler
Time   Congress Day 2, Thursday May 11th 2006
The infrastructure and its operations   Chair: Dave Augsten, Shell
9:00 Producing Hydrogen – Learnings from CUTE
  Holger Grubel, Vattenfall Europe / Klaus Stolzenburg, PLANET
9:25 The fueling station: Storing, compressing and dispensing hydrogen
  Vasso Tsatsami, BP
9:50 Safety and security learnings in CUTE
  Anne Marit Hansen, Norsk Hydro
10:10 Introduction to panel discussion: 5 min statements by infrastructure partners
  WEH, Linde, Air Liquide, Hydro, Hydrogenics
10:35   Panel discussion – Hydrogen: The technology of tomorrow
    Moderator: Dave Augsten, Shell
CUTE and sustainable development   Chair: Walter Rau, DaimlerChrysler
11:25 Life cycle assessment of the different bus and infrastructure systems
  including consumption and emission measurement results
    Michael Faltenbacher, PE Europe
11:50 Economic analysis of the CUTE H2 infrastructure – Current and future perspective
  Marc Binder, PE Europe
12:15   Customer acceptance study (ECTOS)
    Maria Maack, Icelandic New Energy
12:35 The human part in CUTE – Educating the next generation
  Carola Thimm, hySOLUTIONS
International perspective on the clean future   Chair: Graham Pugh, IPHE
14:30 European Hydrogen and fuel cell technology platform / Hydrogen for transport
  Inigo Sabater, European commision
14:55 The vision of British Columbia
  Ron Harmer, BC Transit
15:20 The California public transport of the future
  Jaimie Levin, AC Transit
15:45 Japanese way to hydrogen society — JHFC project
  Shoji Tange, JARI
16:10 What’s next – HyFLEET: CUTE
  Monika Kentzler, Project Coordinator HyFLEET:CUTE
16:35 Fuel policy is technology politcs — a debate on hydrogen technologies in sustainable transport
  Dr.-Ing. Carl-Jochen Winter
17:00   End of day 2

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